Not the gifts.

Christmas! My most favorite time of the year!

Not for reasons you may think. It isn’t the gifts, decorations, music, or even Hallmark movies (although they all help).

You see, it was Christmas time when Jesus met me in a dark spot of chronic worrying and depression. Christmas is when He taught me to fully rely on Him for all of my needs. He showed out in a huge way. I worried about EVERYTHING!! If I did not have something to worry about – I created something.

I was newly divorced this one particular Christmas with two young daughters and zero money. I prayed like never before and told God I was tired of worrying, and that I fully trusted Him. We had never gone without. He had always made a way even it when it seemed impossible, so I was going to refuse to worry.

We were going to focus on Him and have a simple Christmas. Y’all, when I tell you the gifts overflowed from beneath my tree that year – it was unimaginable! Ridiculously so! Like, more than I would have bought for Christmas if I had money.

I sat my girls down that day and told them that those gifts are not from a Santa at the North Pole but because Jesus loved us so much. The embarrassment I had felt from being “helped” and the unworthiness I felt from not being able to do it on my own as a single mom melted as He sent people to pour His love out that Christmas, and I was never the same.

It wasn’t the gifts under the tree but learning to trust the Lord at his word!

He is our provider!

We are never alone!

He is our hope!

I encourage you to trust our Heavenly Father this season and every season. Share your gifts… gifts of His love, His hope, and His joy. Just like those lights that twinkle so bright on the tree, be a light of hope this Christmas. If Christ lays it on your heart to give this Christmas or to help someone anytime, please do!

He is calling you to be a life changer and possibly call the dry bones to life. It will be a blessing for them and you. Even if you can’t financially help – spread kindness! Hand your postmaster a Christmas card. Pay the cashier a compliment. SMILE! Random acts of kindness shine Jesus’s light in such a mighty way! I hope you all have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

May the God of hope fill you with all Joy and Peace in believing that you may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

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