New Year, New You

New Year.

New You.

Am I right!?

I’m certain God has spoken to you about the 2023 journey that we are all about to take. I’m certain He has placed God-sized dreams on your heart – ways to help His kingdom grow and thrive. If He hasn’t yet just keep praying. Be patient. He will.

He needs you, girl.

Now, here’s where the devil is gonna try and get you.

In “your” thoughts.

In “your” hang-ups”

In “your” own self-consciousness

In words.

In his words.

Because guess what – if God said to do it then you can in fact do it. You can bet your bottom dollar that the devil knows it. And that ol’ devil will try everything he can to stop God’s plan.

God will equip you. He will give you everything you need. He will get the job done.

You are the vessel.

He is the captain.

Trust Him.

Now, get ready.

Brace yourself for the storms. When God sends you on a trip, storms will be brewing. It’s inevitable. Most of those storms will be merely words thrown at you by yourself or by others. Words are powerful like that.

I’ve had someone say to a room full of people about me, “She’s not as Christian as she claims to be.”

That mess is gonna happen ladies. People are going to talk about you. They are going to bring up your now and bring up your past. After all, they are human, too.

Don’t. Let. It. Stop. You.

And don’t let it get to you.

Don’t let someone’s else’s words stop you from doing what God specifically told you to do.

After all, whose words matter?

God’s or humans’?

And let me add this – don’t be a part of someone else’s storm. Basically, if you don’t have anything nice to say ……. you know the rest.

This year – face the storms.

Face the storms because you know the Captain.

And your Captain is a good, good God who wants to use you to further His kingdom. He knows your potential. He knows you can do it.

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11

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