I can do the things

I can do the things, but it doesn’t mean it’s comfortable.

“Great peace have those that love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.”

Psalm 119:165 NIV

Oh, one of my favorite topics. Comfort vs. peace. It’s a real conversation I’ve had with multiple individuals just to get their take on it. Let’s be real, they are not the same thing.

& here’s why –

My husband and I have these conversations a lot. He teases me and says I’m the talker in our marriage. He says it’s very evident that it comes very natural for me to stand up and speak, or teach the Gospel to a group of people. Often times I share with him and others that’s actually the farthest thing from comfort for me. I experience the same nerves, sweaty palms, and all things just like many do. I would like to think over the years I have exceedingly grown to be more comfortable. Truth is, I haven’t. I’m not comfortable. Something I am though? I’m peaceful. I do have peace. That’s so much better. I have peace to move forward with a loving Father. Because of Him & the source of peace only he can supply me, I can take the next step to accomplish whatever I need to. I can do the things.

I have grown to learn comfortable is not where I want to go in life. Perhaps my “comfortable” moments was when I was doing the least for the Kingdom. That was scary.

Here’s what I need you to understand –

The difference between comfort and peace for me is simply this: Jesus gives me peace. Jesus is also a supply of comfort. Please understand that. Within Psalm 119 it also shares with us that His steadfast love has the ability to comfort us. In this moment though I’m talking about leaning on my own comfort. That doesn’t get me anywhere. I need him. We as people as we battle our human nature, need to realize we draw closer to the things that want us to be comfortable. He knows what you’re capable of. He knows the big, mighty things you can do for the kingdom. Trust me, that is not within your comfort. You can have peace from him to help you take that step. You get it? Because of the peace I experience within Christ, I am able to do what God has called me to do even when it’s uncomfortable. Just like Psalms tells us we cannot stumble if we allow his great peace to flood into our lives.

Remember this, be willing to go where you aren’t exactly comfortable. I assure you with our loving Father you will experience His peace there.

If we depend on us – we depend on our own feet – we will never be led to accomplish kingdom work. With His peace though, we can do the things. We can do the work. Even when it’s

not comfortable.

Thank you Jesus for the peace you supply me.

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