Whatever happens

What does a dusty, 1980’s owl figurine, a chipped, green plate, and a metal, leaf tray, and two hardback books have in common?

The young girl was here at the Thrift Store to do her 32 hrs. community service. (The store is owned by our church and uses its funds to provide a future Women’s Shelter). Me… It was the third Saturday of the month- my day to work the cash register. Barely out of high school and easy to talk to, she confessed that she had made lots of bad choices and learned her lesson. Instantly, God whispered to me, “I’ve sent her to you. Show her MY LOVE and Grace”.

I handed her a can of polish and a rag . As she dusted the bookshelves, she discovered a gently, used novel and asked if she could purchase it. When her credit card was placed in my hand, I sadly had to tell her, “Sorry, but credit card purchases have to be a minimum of five dollars”.

For just a few minutes, she shopped some more and carefully handed me a few more items. Then, something on the other side of the store caught her attention, so I secretly searched for one particular book for her, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Since she showed interest in reading and had admitted that from her “bad choices” she had “ learned her lesson”, I felt a deep burning desire to get that book in her hands TODAY!! And there it was! Just like I had hoped!!

The items totalled seven dollars. ( Without her knowing, I bought everything.) Joyfully, I gave her back her credit card without the receipt. I smiled BIG when she inquired about signing the credit card receipt and her confusion quickly turned into gratefulness. Her sweet words,, “Thank you, so much!” melted my heart. Then, I opened the Purpose Driven Life book and immediately pointed out the first and second chapters….God wanted her to know she has a purpose and also that she isn’t an accident!

So back to my question…”What does a dusty, 1980’s owl figurine, a chipped, green plate, a metal leaf tray, and two hardback books have in common?” They are all gifts! Just ordinary items that can remind her of God’s warmth, mercy, grace, and love shown to her today.

Maybe when she looks at these gifts, she will remember and come back to me. We can talk more about His plans and promises for her life!!

Whatever happens, I will sing His praises and meditate on this wonderful day!! Following HIS purpose for our life brings about unending joy and perfect peace! Our purpose is TO KNOW HIM and GLORIFY HIM!

Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

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