When God says to Move

Like many educators, I find myself burnt out. I’m tired of carrying the burdens of the world, the pressure of my job, and the stress of raising a family in a broken world. I’m also a little fed up with the normalization of sin. What is wrong with the world? How can I pull myself out of the darkness and feel hopeful again?

Like me, hundreds of thousands of teachers are running on empty or left the profession altogether. We are losing good, God-fearing teachers every day.

Being a classroom teacher has never been more challenging. Teaching in the information age means we are up to our eyeballs in data, differentiation, IEPs, accommodations, unprecedented behavior problems, and a global pandemic.

Teachers have been through the wringer. And what solutions have been offered? Not much besides the age-old jeans pass, and the ludicrous panacea called “self-care.” Even a pay raise isn’t enough to keep teachers from burning out.

How do we keep good teachers from giving up and throwing in the towel? Well, teachers are asked to be superheroes every day. What we need is supernatural healing, restoration, and inspiration.

We must remember this is not about what we can do but what HE can do.

There is only one solution for dry, thirsty, burned-out teachers—the living, restorative water of Jesus. Of course, this thirst-quenching love isn’t just for teachers but anyone seeking Him.

When I began to seek the presence of God in a more purposeful way, He gave me a renewed hunger for the Word and a thirst for the Holy Spirit. The deeper I went, the more I heard that still, small voice telling me to share this with teachers–telling me to move!

What happens when God says, “MOVE?” You pray! And hopefully, you are swiftly obedient. I am moving into a new calling. Part of that call is starting a new Instagram account to support teachers with the love of Jesus (@JesusLovesTeachers).

I want to encourage educators who have lost hope in their calling. And if you hear that still, small voice pushing you to do something, I pray you are obedient. What God has in store for us is so much better than anything we could imagine. I can’t wait to see where He is leading us!

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