The bare minimum

This might make some people uncomfortable-

Shouldn’t we all be prayer warriors?

I hear people say, “Oh, she’s such a prayer warrior!”

Or, “thankful for my prayer warriors out there!”

“Thank you for being the prayer warrior we all need!”

But shouldn’t we all be prayer warriors?

There’s nothing wrong with using the term, but if we are going to be using the term prayer warrior then it should be used to describe each and everyone of us. If we are praying like God says we should in the Bible, then aren’t we all prayer warriors?

But here’s the problem, we aren’t praying like we should. We might say a little prayer before we eat or sleep or that little time after worship but before the sermon. But that’s just the bare minimum!!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “pray without ceasing.”

Can you ask yourself this question – how often are you really praying?

Are you just doing the bare minimum?

Or are you praying without ceasing?

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