So they went and made the tomb secure by sealing the stone and setting a guard. Matthew 27:66

Yesterday was hard. Reading Matthew 27 is like getting punched in the gut – as it should be.

I did that.

We did that.

To Jesus.

To the one person that loves us despite.

Despite it all.

And we did that.

It’s interesting to dig into the end of the chapter and really see what was happening behind the scenes. The people that did this were floundering.

They were scared – as they should be.

Deep down they knew nothing could hold Him back. He wasn’t going to stay in that cold, dark grave.

After all, He is the light.

So they sealed the grave and secured the guard, which just helped Jesus’ testimony even more.

He’s about to make the impossible possible. He’s about to break that seal and roll that stone away. And everybody’s about to know.

It is finished indeed.

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