This Moment

The word “ministry” has sort of been “boxed in” to be a word that requires a professional title.  We think of pastors, small group leaders, and other leaders of the church body to be the people doing “ministry”. However, ministry requires no title at all. Instead, it requires a call, and the good news is we’ve ALL been called to ministry.

In The Great Commission, Jesus tells his disciples “go and make disciples,” (Matthew 28:19-20). If we are going to call ourselves disciples of Christ, then we can’t just ignore this call to ministry. Let’s break this verse down a little more to see how we can apply this daily. The first word Jesus says here is “go”. This doesn’t have to be across the world, to a foreign country, or leaving your job to become a pastor. “Go” can be to Motiva, or being a truck driver, a mail man, a CEO of a tech company, a stay at home mom, a teacher, anything! You can reach people and spread the good news of the Gospel wherever you are planted.

The next thing we are called to do is to “make”. Now, we can’t be effective at making disciples if we’re harsh and act like we know best. Instead, we are supposed to love them where they are at in that very moment as Jesus would. Be the one who goes the extra mile for someone. Smile at a stranger. Leave a large tip at the restaurant. Hold a door for someone. Share your faith publicly. Be unashamed of the Gospel. Ask someone you see struggling if you can pray with them.

Through these actions, people will want to know why you’re living this way and how you’re so full of joy doing it. You’ll lead people to Jesus best when you’re acting like Him and walking with the Holy Spirit.

This is ministry.

All of those acts that I mentioned above and so many more can be ministry. Don’t put the work that Jesus has called us to do in a box. We were created for more than that!

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