Recently I sat under the shade of an old live oak tree. I was sitting on the rope swing, listening to praise and worship music and resting my soul when the Lord began to speak to me.

He said look at this tree, the branches reaching to the ground in places, providing shade for many and a strong sturdy trunk. The family is like this tree. You are growing for generations to come. Your parents and grandparents before you, your children and grandchildren after you, but now is your time.

What are you growing? Are your roots running deep? Are you established in the word and tapping into the source of life? Or are your roots running on top of the ground with just enough to keep you standing and satisfied ? With surface roots the storms of life will eventually destroy you! With roots that run deep you will withstand the storms.

There will be casualties because we live in an imperfect world as imperfect people, divorce, death, addictions, the tree will need to be pruned but rooted deep you will thrive. You will provide shade for many, a place of rest, a place that brings peace and joy because your tree is rooted in Christ.

What tree are you growing right now? Are you growing deep roots for future generations or will your children and grandchildren feel the affects of your weak surface roots? Mamas, I know you are tired. You run, work, cook, make sure the games are attended, the uniforms are washed , baths are taken and most of the time you feel unappreciated.

Make time for Jesus in your schedule. There is no greater gift to give your children than established roots in Christ. Dads, husbands, I know you often feel unappreciated, like the wallet for your family, working hard and dishing out money but your job is so much greater. You are the the earthly father, the earthly husband start mimicking the heavenly one! Your job is so important. There has been a lack in family systems. It does not matter if you are married, single, divorced, parents or not. God is speaking to us today to grow our roots in him because the storms will come, they always come. It’s time to get rooted in him so that we are not easily blown over .

If the first piece of dough is holy, the lump is also; and if the root is holy , the branches are too.

Romans 11:16

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