Geeky Grammar


Have you heard about Augmented Reality? You seriously need to check it out! I was introduced to this concept one night last year when I couldn’t sleep. I was bored and had already surfed through Facebook and Pinterest, so I decided to check out that Twitter account that I was forced to make…Brad. I digress. When scrolling through my Twitter feed I saw an article that Erin Klein had tweeted out about Augmented Reality. I had no idea what it was. I decided that since I was wide awake, I would go ahead and read the article. I am glad I did. This is the night I fell in love with Twitter. I could not believe what Erin Klein was doing in her classroom with this thing called Augmented Reality. I wanted to be a student in her class! More importantly, I wanted to do this with my students. So I read. I studied. I learned. In one night I taught myself how to build Auras using Aurasma. The next morning I was in my superintendent’s office bright and early to show him what I learned on Twitter. Thank you Brad, my superintendent, for forcing me to get that Twitter account in the first place! After learning the awesomeness of Augmented Reality via Aurasma, I decided to design some lessons. The lesson shown in the picture is all about changing singular nouns to plural nouns.  This is a tricky concept for 4th graders when you start throwing in all the different rules. I wanted to make it real for my students. I wanted them to visually be able to see the changes, and not just on notebook paper.  I took words like daisy, baby, toy, cherry and boy and I created an Aura. When my students hovered their iPad over the singular form of the word, an image of the plural form automatically popped up. The students loved it, and so did I.  By the end of the unit we had several Auras posted around the room using the different rules. The good thing about Aurasma is that now that I have created these Auras, I can share them with other teachers in my school, or anywhere. Because students are holding the iPads in their hand, they are instantly engaged. They feel empowered as learners. It is an amazing thing to watch. Tomorrow they will be creating their very own Auras using homophones. Stay tuned for that one! Please keep in mind that this looks crazy hard to do, but I promise it is not. If you go to you will find Erin’s tutorial on how to make Auras using Aurasma. Take a look at it. Your students will think you are a  Rockstar!

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