Making Learning Connections w/ Legos By: Angela Moses


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Classroom

Have your ever thought of using Legos during your math lesson? You will literally have learning “connections” by bringing the use of Legos to a math classroom. I could almost use them in every lesson.  The students connect with this concept because they bring them from home, it’s visual, and it’s fun.  My next question to myself, as I often talk to myself, was how to integrate with technology???  A wonderful tech tool called I-nigma is used for QR barcode scanning.  The students were given addition and subtraction problems.  Each sheet had a problem and a QR code for the solution. They had to create/model the same problem with the Legos. The students scanned the QR code with I-nigma and checked to see if they were correct.  Modeled with Legos, solved, scanned, and instantly the students knew if they could move on or if they had to go back and check a step.  We moved through stations and answered 20 math problems.  The students were engaged and excited during the lesson.  QR codes and Legos can be used for multiple subjects.  Legos will bring many smiles to your classroom and learning connections will happen!

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