KidBlog + WeeMee = Learning 2.0


Mrs. Marino & Maverick Marino’s Kidblog Avatars

Do your students blog? If not, y’all are all missing out. I first heard about Kidblog this summer while attending EdCamp in Region 6. While sitting in Jake Duncan’s class on tech tools in the classroom (follow him on Twitter) two teachers from Brenham mentioned KidBlog. I was intrigued. I instantly wanted to hear more about this blogging business. So, they pulled their KidBlog up right then and showed me what I could do with it. It was absolutely the coolest thing I’ve seen. I believe I started my KidBlog the second week of school. I first sent out a permission slip for all my students ensuring parents that it was safe. Every parent signed YES! Next, my students created their very own avatars using the WeeMee app. We will never post pictures on our KidBlog. My KidBlog is private, so you have to have a password to view it. Also, every comment that is posted has to be approved by me before it actually posts. This is what I love about KidBlog. It is a safe place for kids to be creative, to share their feelings, and to sometimes chat with their friends (when I put a “chat” post up.) My students love to blog. They can’t wait to blog. They beg to blog! They blog at home. ALL THE TIME. So, they are sitting at home willfully answering questions that I have asked them. They are writing at home. They are thinking at home. The skills that they are using to “blog” are covered in my TEKS. They work on capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar. They are reflective. It is amazing. I have my KidBlog set-up so that when they blog, I get an email alert. I am not trying to be cheesy, but it is one of the coolest feelings in the world when I pick up my phone and see that I have 14 new posts to be approved. That happens all the time. They blog in my class, and they blog at home. I simply love it. Below are some of our blog topics so far:

1.  What do you miss about 3rd grade?

2.  What is your favorite part in Hank the Cowdog so far?

3.  What is your favorite thing about our iPads?

4.  What are you learning right now in your classes?

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