Augmented Homophones


Mrs. Marino’s 4th Grade Class

Do your students struggle with homophones? It is a hard concept for young minds to understand. Why do these words sound the same…but they’re not? And how are they supposed to remember which is which? This year, thanks to our classroom iPads, we took homophones to a whole new level. We made it visual. When students hover their iPads over their paper, a video of that student pops up explaining what their homophone means! Not only did we make it visual, the students created the lesson. Not only did they create the lesson, the lesson is saved and will be up for the rest of the year. If at anytime they forget what a certain homophone means, they will just simply have to scan in. I mean, seriously! I am going to try and walk you through this process as simply as possible. If you have any questions on how to do this, please email me. ( I would love to help you out. Before you start with the Aurasma part of this lesson, have students make videos on their camera roll explaining their homophone.

1. Download the Aurasma App

2. Create a classroom account

3.  Create a classroom channel (very important)

4. Have students log on to their iPad with the classroom account information

5.  Start creating your Aura ( has an awesome tutorial on this)

5.  Students choose their overlay which is their video on the camera roll

6.  Students choose their trigger image which is the picture of their homophone

7.  Students save this as public

8.  Students add it to the classroom channel

DONE!  The kids can then take their iPad and scan any students’ paper in the class and get their video to pull up. Now, how can parents or other teachers get our images? They need to download the free Aurasma app. Then they need to follow our channel (just like you follow someone on Facebook). Once they follow us, they can hover over any of our images and see the same thing we see.

This is free people!  A free app to enhance your student’s learning. Use it. They will remember these concepts…..more importantly, they will love to learn.

(look closely at the left hand side of the picture above….you can see the homophone picture with  one of my student’s “auras” hovering above it)

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