Learning in 3D By: Angela Moses


Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? I have not physically been on one.  After this lesson, I sure felt as though I had floated into the sky on a hot air balloon with my students. Thank you to an Augmented Reality App called ColAR Mix (now named Quiver) my lesson became three-dimensional! Teaching the concept of the 3 States of Matter is not a paper and pencil lesson. It should be hands on and visual. We have been discussing the 3 States of Matter for the past week. We have a wonderful online resource called United Streaming. The students and I watched a few videos of hot air balloons lifting off, which allowed the students to see the gas enter the balloon. Before the students colored the hot air balloon sheet, they had to write 2 facts about gas. Then they colored the hot air balloon in any color they wanted. The students were working on-task and independently. Was learning happening in my room? YES!  They were intrigued about the coloring sheet! When they finished coloring, they had to open the ColAR App (now named Quiver) with the iPad and press play. Then they could hover over their hot air balloon. I wish I would have recorded their reactions when the balloons started popping up throughout the classroom. It was hands down AMAZING! Not the normal way to teach the concept of “gas”, but my students know the information! Quiver has many different coloring sheets to print, and it is a great way to engage your students in the lesson. What a great way to bring a story to life! Lots of possibilities with this one.

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