Let it Go

Let it Go

Day 4 of iPad camp and this is what I learned – or rather relearned. I was beyond excited because I had a really cool lesson planned. I had planned out exactly what I wanted the kids to do as we worked on creating movies. Thirty minutes in and that all went out the door. I introduced TouchCast first, which has some pretty cool features that you are able to add to the video that you are making. It takes a bit to get used to navigating this tool, or so I thought, so I told the kids to play around with it before we started our project. The really cool project that I planned out. The one that I was super excited for. Because I knew the results would be awesome. Well, as I walked around the room I realized that these kids did not need me to plan out their projects for them. They took initiative and came up with their own ideas. Some really good ideas. I was torn. I really wanted them to do what I had planned, but the creativity was flowing. So, I let it go. I struggled…but I did it. I let them keep going with what they were doing. I am so glad that I did. All the projects were different. They were creative, well thought out, and one of a kind.I was so proud of them. I am positive that they turned out much better than what I had planned for them. Do I think we should never have a plan? No. I just think that as teachers we need to learn to adjust, swerve, roll with the punches. When something comes up that isn’t what we planned, especially with technology, don’t get flustered. Just go with the flow.

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