Perfect Presentations with Popplet


Mrs. Marino’s 4th Grade Class

Do you get tired of the same ‘ol graphic organizers? Me, too!  hen I heard about Popplet last April, I was instantly hooked.  The wheels in my head started spinning ninety miles to nothing. Typical. Popplet has endless possibilities for any subject and grade level. That’s why I love it. It is so versatile. No matter what I am teaching, we can make a Popplet to brainstorm or to assess what we’ve learned so far. I have already used Popplet several times this year. Sometimes I use it with my iPad and Apple TV, and we all brainstorm together. Other times the kids are making their own Popplets at their desk. Today, though, something magical happened. My students’ assignment was to make a Popplet using the homophones for “there”. When finished, THEY ASKED to go even further. They added on to the other side of their homophone box (all their idea) and started to do the homophones for “to”. Then they branched off even further and added even more. The part that was amazing to me was when they started helping each other. I like to “steal” the screen with their iPads and project what they are working on. When I put one little girl’s Popplet up on the SMART board the other students noticed that she color-coded her homophones. They instantly wanted to do the same. So, two little girls popped out of their seats and started circulating around the class helping other students. It was a good moment. Plus, it was super cute. The other kids listened, too. They didn’t teach them how to do long division or how to diagram a sentence. They simply taught them a few design techniques for this app we call Popplet. But they used their own voices, and in that moment they were the teachers. And I am beyond proud. I seriously love my job.

The picture below shows a Popplet created for older students. Also, note that on the right side you have the option to e-mail your Popplet straight to your teacher and parents.


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