Making lessons come alive with YouTube & Aurasma


Do you want to hear about something amazing? This summer when I started researching Aurasma I came across one of Erin Klein’s (follow her on Twitter) blog posts on that talked about how she embedded  a YouTube video into a book for her kids. WHHHAAATTT??? I know! I could not believe it. I started thinking about the different possibilities that could happen with these two great tools. There are so many great videos on YouTube that I show my students already. Nouns, commas, verbs, everything. These videos are innovative, funny and they definitely catch my students’ attention. Up until this point, we have viewed the videos as a class. With Aurasma, I can now embed videos into books around my classroom. Now when students have a device, they can hover over these marked pages and view supplemental videos that will enhance skills that we have already targeted that week in class. Because kids are holding the device in their hands and watching a catchy video…learning is fun, learning is interactive, learning is something that they want to do. This is my goal. I want to foster a love for learning in my students that will last a lifetime. How can you do this? Sounds hard? It’s not; I promise. This is what I did:

Hopefully, you have read my previous posts on Aurasma and the power it holds for creating unforgettable lessons in your classroom. If not, please go back and read them, or this may be a little confusing. Here we go. My son loves anything to do with the Titantic. His favorite book is called Headlines. We found a Kid’s National Geographic video on YouTube about the Titanic. We converted the video to an MP4 and used it as the overlay for the aura we created in the Aurasma Studio. Now, when you hover over the picture of the Titanic in his book, the video pops up. So the kids are reading about the Titanic, seeing pictures of the Titanic, and then viewing a video about the Titanic all within one book. Talk about differentiation. Talk about targeting all types of learners. This sounds complicated, but trust me it’s not! If I can figure it out, anyone can. Did I mention that my husband has multiple degrees and most are in computers. He is extremely smart, and for the past 11 years I have depended on him to do anything “technology related” for me. I almost asked him to convert the video for me, but I wanted to prove to myself that this was easy enough for anyone to do. Guess what, I did it by myself. I converted it, embedded it, it worked, and my son thought I was a ROCK Star mom. This process took less than an hour. I would say that less than an hour of your time is nothing compared to the impactful lessons that you are creating for your students. Try it out, and if you need help I am a tweet or e-mail away. Be awesome!

The Aurasma Studio has step by step tutorials for you on how to build an Aura.  It’s simple.  To convert the YouTube video to a MP4, I used a convertor that I found on Google.  

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