Thanksgiving ThingLinks


Mrs. Marino’s 4th Grade Class

Are you new to technology and looking for something simple to start off with? I have the tool for you. It is an app called ThingLink. When I say it is simple, I mean SIMPLE! This lesson took all of twenty minutes, but the kids loved it. What is ThingLink? Well, basically it is what the name says. It is a picture of some”thing” with links to some”thing” else embedded in it.  If you look at the picture above there are about twenty different targets on it. If you are on the ThingLink and you touch the targets, something pops up. It can be a website, a picture, words, even a video. In this case it is simple text from my students saying what they are thankful for. We took my iPad down to the Pre-K hall and took a picture of their precious turkey that they have worked so hard on. Good job, Pre-K! We then went into my ThingLink app and chose the turkey picture. When you tap on the picture the option comes up to add text or add media. You choose which one you want. We chose text. Each student told me one thing that they were thankful for. We all listened and commented on each other’s responses. It was a great time of reflection for the kids and myself. I always love to hear what they come up with. When we were finished we passed the iPad around and all had the chance to press the targets and see whose popped up. The great thing about this project is that we then could upload it to the school’s Facebook page. I told my students to make sure they showed their parents their Techy Turkey that night. The kids love when they get to show their parents things that they have created as a whole. Without technology, this would be almost impossible. So what is Mrs. Marino thankful for this year?  The ability to connect with other educators, the ability to teach my students beyond the four walls of our classroom, and the chance to share it all with you.

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