Sample Lessons- JH Art

We watched a short video on drawing eyes on WISD website:
We started with the Skitch app. We took photos of our own eyes and talked about the basic anatomy of an eye.We then labeled them using Skitch. (We took an anatomy quiz later in the week).  Then we watched the drawing video and looked at some funny examples of the dos and don’ts of eyelashes and eyebrows. We also looked at what it looks like in real life if the lashes and brows are crazy (like kids tend to draw them when they are first starting out). Then the kids talked me through drawing one, and then I talked them through drawing one. Finally, they did one on their own… and they turned out great! This week we are doing lips and noses, which is fun too! All of this is in preparation for our “celebrity portrait” lesson we will start on after winter break.
 Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.07.11 AM

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