Sample Lesson – 7th Grade ELA

I am in love with this lesson by Mrs. Abby Paben. This is her first year at WISD, and she brings a whole lot of awesomness. Her students love Nearpod. They love that they can see exactly what she is seeing on her screen. They also love that she is able to immediately see their corrections. Check out the following images. These are pictures of tweets that she dropped in Nearpod. Her students had to find the mistakes and make corrections. Not only did they look at incorrect tweets – they were able to look at correct sentences tweeted by none other than JJ Watt. After checking out celebrity tweets the students then corrected a few sentences that Mrs. Paben remotely sent them through the Nearpod app. I love Nearpod. If you are not familiar with it…you need to be!

*click on the pictures to make them larger

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