Sample Lesson – HS History

The cool thing about my job is that I get to walk in all the classes in my district. You never know what you will see, what the teachers and the kids will be doing, and what great way the teacher is integrating technology [seamlessly] into the lesson that day. I walked in this classroom yesterday because a computer was being wonky. I noticed the kids were working intently on a project – of course I asked what they were doing. I thought

this was a really great idea. They are using technology, but they are also helping one another out by designing study guides and tests for different grade levels.

“Every year I have the sophomores, World History, take the released test from the previous year and combine the question with the correct answer. I then have them add a picture that relates to that topic. This process takes us about three days to complete. When I am through with that I then take the completed presentation and use it for a study guide for my Junior level U.S. History Class. Thereafter using it as a study guide I then turn it into a test on google forms so I will know what concept my students are not understanding right now! So I then have the test broken down into chapters and those chapters are broken down into packets that I hand out to the students as individual study guides that I take as grades.” -Michael Sanders


The test formed from the review:

This is an informative Review We have made as well for the EOC. This is not Q & A style just straight information.

This is another informative Review that is done in chronological order! I have tried to reach all learning styles with the different types of reviews!

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