Sample Lessons – 6th Grade Math

Ms. Wilson is absolutely one of the best teachers I have ever met. One of the traits that I love as a parent is her organization. Every student in Ms. Wilson’s class has an iPad. The way she integrates technology with organization for these students is top-notch. Maverick always has notes, and I can see his notes every night. If he has any problems that he is struggling with he can easily look back in his iPad at his saved notes.

“I take my lesson in SmartBoard and export to a pdf file. I attach the pdf file as an announcement in Google Classroom. The students open in Classroom and send to the app NeuAnnotate. They then take notes and work examples with me. The notes are then saved in either their Google Drive or iBooks – their choice.”

*Examples of what the notes Ms. Wilson send to the students before they annotate


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