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You’ve heard the term “Hot Mess Express”? I am pretty sure it was tattooed on my forehead as I walked into Sunday School [late] this morning. Nothing awful happened this morning; however, I just could NOT get it together. The dog. The dog hair. Need to sweep. Need to mop. Waking kids up. Feeding and dressing little humans. My Christmas tree is still up. (Insert embarrassed emoticon here)I was standing in my living room just looking around at every single task that needs to be completed and a huge, overwhelming panic started to creep in. The week’s agenda is huge (at least in my head). How is it all going to get done? Can someone else help me out? Can I please have a maid? I really just want to sit down and crochet.

And quicker than Blue Bell vanishing off the shelves after the 2015 recall – my bad attitude appeared.

Instead of focusing on the fact that I was about to go to God’s house and worship, and learn, and fellowship, I zoned in on all the negative. The to-do list. The laundry. The dishes. I have deemed this state of mind #momlife, and oh my goodness that encompasses so much. The negative energy takes over, and it absolutely engulfs you.  I didn’t focus on the fact that where I live I GET to go to church and worship. I wasn’t focused on the fact that I have the cutest kiddos – while some woman hope and pray for years for a child of their own. If I had to go back and hashtag myself it would be the following: #selfish #brat #ungrateful #getoveryourself. When this happens (because it is not just a one time thing) I pray, and I remember how much I need Jesus to take over my life and my mind. Every. Single. Day. More of him and less of me.

As I sat down in Sunday School I felt calmer. Although I had temporarily lost my mind, God quickly reminded me that he has this. It is all going to get finished. The to-do list will be checked off, and it is going to be a really good week – if I let Jesus take control and do his thing. I just need to do one thing, and that is to seek him first.

So moms, teachers, women of this world – say a prayer, exhale deeply, smile, and know that God has the whole world in his hands, even our mom “stress”. This week when you get aggravated, agitated, and inundated with all the little things just know that you are human, but God is not. You may be cranky, tired, and totally overwhelmed, but God isn’t. Seek him first. Call out to him ALL day long. Let others see him in you (not the cranky, crazy momma).

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