Sample Lessons- Writing

This post was sent to me by my sweet friend Andi McNair. She is a Gifted Education Specialist/Innovation Specialist at Bosqueville Elementary. I love this activity. Although it is very simple to implement, the concept promotes critical thinking and creativity.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.43.19 AM


I absolutely love using writing prompts to get my students thinking when they enter my classroom each morning.  My favorite prompts can be found at  This website is a collection of photo writing prompts that encourage critical thinking and creativity.  There are thousands of ready-to-use prompts that my students absolutely love.

We were recently learning about the Depth and Complexity icons and studying multiple perspectives.  While browsing through the prompts, I found this photo.

My students wrote the most creative stories and shared such great ideas.  The prompt provided them with an opportunity to see things differently and this helped them make connections in order to really understand multiple perspectives.

When my students come in each morning, I have the writing prompt projected onto the board.  I also share the image in Edmodo with them.   We use KidBlog to write our thoughts and share our stories about the writing prompts.  I ask them to upload the image from Edmodo into their blogs so that their audience will know what they are sharing about.  

These photo prompts are so easy to use.  Using them together with KidBlog makes it possible to go back to see the progress my students have made and how their writing has improved.  This also makes it easy to comment and share their ideas with an authentic audience.  

If you teach middle school or high school, you might find useful.  These are photo prompts as well but they include more detail and topics that are appropriate for older students.  

Both websites provide an alternative to boring journal prompts and essay questions.  The prompts engage students in a writing activity that encourages them to think outside of the box.   I am always looking for ways to provide my students with meaningful activities that not only address the standards but will also encourage creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.  These photo prompts do just that!  

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