Sample Lesson – iMovie Book Trailers

When you see an iMovie that has been created you immediately think that it was probably really hard to make; however, the app practically does everything for you. Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.24.00 AM3rd grade teacher Kayla Compton was very impressed with the ease in which her students grasped how to navigate this app. Within minutes of her introducing the app to them they were off and running. Students were asked to pick any book that they have read. They then mapped out and created an iMovie trailer about that book. The trailers were then shared with the class to increase excitement about reading different genres of books. The following iMovie was created by 3rd grade student Hunt Reid. I like how he got his friends involved with acting out different scenes from the book. Students being able to present their iMovies in class is certain to spark other children’s curiosity.

Let’s take it a step further. Let’s take these iMovies, create a QR Code, print it out, tape it on the library book and BAM – other students can watch the trailers to see if they would like to check out that book. Thanks to Cherie Stanley for suggesting that idea!

3rd Grade iMovie



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