Sample Lesson – JH History

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Technology does not have to be fancy, and it does not have to be a new learning curve for the teacher. It is especially wonderful when you can intertwine it seamlessly into your lesson using other forms of exploration and creation as well. The final project of this history lesson was a poster. A simple poster just like we used when we were in school, but the students had to use a little technology to get there. Searching on the internet for facts is much quicker than digging through an encyclopedia. Don’t get me wrong, I love books. However, when you only have a certain amount of time to get all your TEKS covered you will use the quickest and most viable means possible.

A lot of hard work went into this junior high history project.  What better way to research Texas History than by using iPads or the computer lab at the school. Students are fluent in “Google” and can easily search for any information that they need. One of the most interesting aspects to me about this project was the fact that the students had to be able to figure out the right time span of when things were happening so that they had the correct flag and slogans for that time period. That took a lot of going back and forth and making sure things aligned.

Here are the basic instructions/criteria for the project that was completed:

Basically, students used the computer lab to do their research on their topic, either the Texas Army or Mexican Army. They had to have a minimum of three slogans and three reasons to join their army.  They also had to have photos or some type of artwork to go along with their poster.

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