Sample Lessons – Spanish

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I really enjoyed watching this project unfold. I was able to go in to the class and show students how Google Slides would benefit them in a group project versus using Power Point. Students being able to collaborate and edit in real time…why wasn’t that around when I was in school?! The first time I pulled up a shared Google Slide project between two students’ computers, their faces were priceless. That’s what this is all about. Being able to show students that technology helps and doesn’t hinder is always my goal. The students worked really hard on these slide shows, and the ones that I saw completed were really impressive. Here is a short blurb from our Spanish teacher Mr. Lee:
“As part of the “Cultures and Communities TEKS for Spanish II” students were to prepare a two-part presentation on a Spanish Speaking Country.
1.  Power Point Presentation in Google Slides
2.  Poster Presentation in a traditional poster format
25% of each slide was to have been in Spanish.  Basic facts to cover on the Powerpoint/Poster were:
A.  Name of country, Map, Important Cities, Flag, Monetary System.  Also, what the indigenous people are/were like, who has migrated there and why.  Which other languages are spoken in that country?
B. Geography facts to be covered were:  what hemisphere and continent is the country located in, what are the land forms and geography, e.g. deserts, mountains, coast lines, border countries?  Climate and seasons should be mentioned.  
C.  Music links/clips of the National Anthem or native music can be added to the presentation.  
D.  Customs, festivities and holidays should be presented in a compare and contrast manner with how we celebrate in the United States.
National sports should be identified.  
Time limit for presentation: 6-10 minutes
Grading Criteria:  Students were to follow an explicit Rubric in preparing their Powerpoint and Poster presentations.” 
Check out the following link to see one of the finished presentations:

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