Sample Lesson – JH Bell Warmer

This is the bell warmer that Connie Schroeder does with her reading students three days a week.You can modify this for your classroom. It can be used for any grade level and any content. Here is the explanation that Mrs. Schroeder sent me:
“I do my bell warmer in Google Forms. I pull up the form and make it, usually in multiple choice format, but I have been known to do a short answer. The only draw back to Google Forms, in my opinion, is that I cannot format the font or bold or underline. I then make a short-cut link  for it by clicking on send in my form.  I can copy it from there. Next I go into Google Classroom, and I make a draft. I put this in my announcements, and I label it however I want. Then I just click on the attach link button, paste it in, click add, and voila -there it is. Once I click on add I can then X out of it and move on to my next class, which saves it as a draft. The reason I do this is because I want to use it as a first of class activity. At the beginning of each class, I go back to that draft and click on it. This pulls up the draft, so I can then click post. The students come in, they log into Google Classroom, and they click on the link. This directs them straight to the form. They fill it out and click submit. At the end of the day when I know everyone is finished, I make an answer key by clicking on the sheet myself and answering the questions. Then, I go back into edit mode and click on responses. First, I turn off responses by clicking on the no more responses button. From there I just click on the green create spreadsheet button on the top right. Next, I  click the add on, Flubaroo. I give Flubaroo access to my spreadsheet. Last I go through my Flubaroo information so that it will grade the assignment for me, and I’m finished. My questions are usually only about 5 questions each, so I take the grade for each, I add them up, then I average them out for a weekly daily grade.”

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