Sample Lesson – 1st Grade Reading

IMG_0433 (1)

Mrs. Fea, 1st grade teacher at Fred Elementary, sent me this audio book that one of her students created. This is such a great idea for the student creating the book because they are recalling and using skills that they have learned to help others. This is also wonderful for the student listening because hearing other people model reading and fluency is an incremental building block for new readers. Another aspect that I love about this is the ease in which the 1st grader used technology to curate a learning tool that other children can easily use to help them become successful readers. Read the short blurb sent by Mrs. Fea to see what they did:

“I am so excited to share this audio book that one of my 1st graders created today. I wanted my students to create audio books to share with kindergartners. My students were only allowed to create a book if they could read the book fluently. Getting them to reread for fluency can sometimes be a struggle, but today they worked harder than ever.  They were so eager to use this new app.  I introduced the app Puppet Edu today and students were able to use it with ease.  I used QRstuff to create the QR code.  I can’t wait to have students make more audio books and use this app in new ways.”

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