Tech Champions- The Unveiling


Today I officially announced all of my Tech Champions for the 2016-2017 school year. The WISD Tech Champion program will focus on integrating technology seamlessly into classrooms to enhance student learning. I presented each teacher with a surprise right off, which happens to be their first challenge. They were gifted tape and Google Cardboard. They have to figure out how to put it together on their own (not easy) and then come up with a plan to use it in their classroom. In true teacher fashion I assigned them a due date. On May 27th be looking for some pretty cool ideas on how to use this tool in your classroom. How do I know that the ideas will be awesome? My Tech Champions have already started messaging me ways to incorporate Google Cardboard into their class. Let me say, I may just go back to school and be in their classroom. If anyone else is curious about Google Cardboard please reach out to any of my Tech Champions!!!

Congratulations Crystal Fea, Michelle Weichert, Natalee Foret, Sara Moore, Abby Paben & Kristen Elliott. I know that you will do great things.


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