Google Cardboard – Abby Paben

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Mrs. Abby Paben – WJH Tech Champion 2016-2017

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Overview & Purpose

The purpose of this lesson is to engage students while utilizing technology to describe their surroundings in vivid detail. This, in turn, will help students develop more effective sentences in their writing.

Education Standards

  1. Students will use a variety of complete sentences to convey their message clearly to the reader.


  1. Students will lift off to outer space and then recreate the experience in detail through their writing.
  2. Students will write an expository essay detailing the event as it happened.

Materials Needed

  1. Google Cardboard
  2. LiftOff VR App
  3. Notebook Paper/STAAR Lined Paper
  4. Writing Utensils


Steps to check for student understanding.

  1. Monitor students as they journey off into their virtual reality.
  2. Ask students questions once their adventure is complete to trigger certain details that stuck out to them on their experience.


Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson.

Students will brainstorm, draft, and write a final expository essay detailing the journey they took through LiftOff VR. Students will spend a day reading their essays to the class to see if we can recreate the adventure through our words.

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