Google Cardboard – #TechChamps


This post was written by WISD’s culinary teacher and head volleyball coach. I am really excited to see how she is going to utilize technology in her classes this year. Please read her thoughts and give us feedback. We are looking for ways to use Google Cardboard in the culinary classes.Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.34.11 AM

Google Cardboard ideas- Michelle Weichert

 There are lots of things for science

Rollercoaster (Physics)

Jurassic (Biology)

Sea World (Biology)

Gravity Pull (Physics)

Discovery VR (Science in general)

Fish Schooling (Biology)

National Geographic Wildlife (Biology)

View Master – Space (Astronomy)

VR Safari (Biology)

Molecule VR (Microbiology, Chemistry)

Chemistry VR (Chemistry)

Cardio VR (Athletics, Anatomy)

5d Planner (Interior Design)

Driving simulators

Public Speaking (english)

Virtual tours (History)

Several different locations, Paris, London, etc

Earth tours

I did not find a lot on cooking.  It would be a GREAT supplemental to lessons as this technology grows, and apps come on board.  The fact that it’s cheap, I would be willing to buy a class set.  Many of the apps are free, but are limited, but with anything new, kids would love it!  


  • Great at keeping kids occupied when you have down time
  • Cheap, free apps
  • Cardboard is relatively cheap
  • New technology, very lifelike.


  • Kids may not have phones
  • Rollercoaster is NOT FUN lololol
  • Still pretty new, not a lot of educational apps
  • Number of google cardboards available
  • Durability, oil stains from faces, sanitary issue


  • Does it work with any phone?
  • Will the district buy this?

I’m not sure HOW I would integrate it into classes that I teach, but I can see (no pun intended) how it can be very useful to other subjects.  I feel that older kids would find fun in working with some virtual reality things, and can really supplement lessons.  (For example, biology studying sea life, can see schools of fish, competitions to identify species of fish, see animals and sea life they may have never seen before)

It could be used as a reward, as there are many games available to use.  It is very lifelike, which really is the point of virtual reality.

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