Great Google Challenge – Tech Champ Michelle Weichert


Christmas Treats with a Twist


Students will use previous knowledge of cooking utensils, knife cuts, math skills, and recipe creations to make an appetizer or dessert using one specific ingredient that is drawn by the student groups.


Students will research foods with a specific ingredient to make delicious dishes.  They will have a trial run where they can modify their ingredients/dishes to be put out for teachers.



Hot Dogs






Gluten Free



Crescent Rolls


Other miscellaneous ingredients


Students will  draw cards with random ingredients on it. (Must be gluten free, must use cinnamon, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, cheese, vegetables, fruit, eggs, chips, chicken, chocolate)

Students will use Google search engine to come up with a recipe using the ingredient.

Students will have to use Google Docs to write up their recipe with instructions and email to me.

Students will take pictures of their creations on their trial run day, and use those pictures using Google Slides to create a how-to-presentation of their dish.

Students will cook their creations and have a display set up.

Culinary II Students will also complete this challenge, and also provide a holiday punch to complement their cooked items.


Teachers will sample items made by students and choose favorites in the categories of Best Appetizer, Best Dessert, Best Overall, Most Creative Use of an Ingredient, and Best Presentation


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