Badge Challenge – Natalee Foret



We have developed a badge system in our district where teachers can earn badges by completing various technology tasks. This month my group of Tech Champions had the challenge to create a badge that teachers can earn. The following is what 1st grade teacher Natalee Foret has created:

Tech Challenge 7


For my Tech Challenge, I chose to create a badge that encouraged teachers to use the innovative gaming system for elementary students called Osmo. There are so many ways that this can be used throughout elementary grade levels. I received four Osmo Genius Kits through a Donor’s Choose Project and they have changed my classroom. I would love to see and share this resource with other teachers and students.  

T-TESS Dimension(s):

Dimension 1.4 The teacher plans engaging, flexible lessons that encourage higher-order thinking, persistence and achievement.

Dimension 2.4 The teacher differentiates instruction, aligning methods and techniques to diverse student needs.

Branching out with Osmo (Level 1):

Schedule a time to come and meet with Natalee Foret to do an Osmo Training. After a short 10-15 minute training, schedule a day/ time to use Osmo in your classroom. Write a short paragraph or two about how you liked/ disliked using Osmo in your classroom and what would make it better. Include which application you used with it ( Masterpiece, Numbers, Words, Tangram).

Awesome with Osmo (Level 2):

Schedule a time with Natalee Foret to use Osmo. Design your own lesson by inputting your own words into the Osmo Library, Creating a math lesson, or having your students use Masterpiece for a drawing or handwriting practice. Get creative!

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