I’m still trying to process yesterday’s events. I’ve been writing like crazy because that’s what I do – pray & write. Write & pray.

This picture is the one piece of yesterday that I know I needed to share this morning.

We teach our children to have faith. We teach them to trust God. We say all these things and pray they register.

And they do. Maggie wasn’t shaken yesterday. Maggie walked away from her home in extremely high, nasty water and knew that God had her. She knew her daddy wasn’t letting go of her hand. She knew Uncle Jeff would come save us. She knew everything would be ok.

No matter what. She knew without a doubt.

Keep teaching your kids about Jesus.

Keep reading them the word of God.

Turn that Christian station on the radio.

Take them babies to church.

Build a strong foundation.

The world is going to throw storms at them for the rest of their lives. The foundation that we lay down and build up for them as parents is what they will have to stand on forever – long after we’re gone.

Build a strong foundation. Build it on top of Jesus. I urge you.

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17

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