The Unexpected

I wrote this Thursday evening after we were settled in at my sister’s house. We found out Friday our house was in fact spared. Water only came in the garage – not much at all.


It came out of nowhere, y’all.

It wasn’t predicted to even be “that” bad.

But it was.

And it is.

When my husband told me to go ahead and pack a bag a wave of fear swept over me like nothing I’ve ever felt. I mean what do you pack when you are about to potentially lose everything?




Protein bars

Random, I know. But that’s seriously what I put in the bag. I was in a fog. The bag was little and we were going to have to walk about 1/2 a mile through thigh-high flood water, so I knew I wasn’t bringing much.

And then we walked out, and we walked away.

From our home.

Our forever home.

My husband kept a strong grip on our ten- year old. My son and brother in law carried our English Bulldog, and I carried the bag.




It’s unexplainable. Unimaginable. And even though that moment was scary and seemed so awful – so many people are way worse off than us. Way worse off.

It makes me sick to think about.

Tomorrow my husband, my sister, and my dad are going to try and make it back to my house. I don’t know if they will be able to get there. I certainly don’t know what they’ll find when they walk in our front door.

But I do know this without a doubt:

I may not have an earthly home tomorrow, but I have a forever home in Heaven.

My house may not be standing, but I will be – on the solid rock of My Lord and Savior.

My emotions may be shaken, but my faith will never be.

God is good.

All the time.

And all the time –

God is good.

8 Who is like you, LORD God Almighty? You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you. 9 You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.”

-Psalm 89:8-9

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