Be Bold

I do not know who this story came from or how I heard it, but I do know one thing – It has stuck with me.

As the story goes, there once was two Christians. One older, blind lady, and one young lumberjack. After a long hard day at work, this lumberjack decided to head on over to a food store to get some water.

As he is walking there, he sees the elderly blind woman talking to a mannequin. She is proclaiming the gospel and does not see that she is talking to a mannequin.

“Old lady,” he says, “Do you realize who you are talking to? You are talking to a mannequin!” he says in judgement, thinking of her as a fool.

“Thank you kind sir for telling me! I now must go to spread the good word! Actually, sir do you know of Jesus?”

“Yes, i know of Jesus,” he responds. “But lady, why do u speak to the mannequin? Don’t you fear of looking stupid?”

“Oh no! I would rather spread the Good News than sit at home in misery pondering what others think of me. It is my duty to spread the gospel! I must proclaim to all, no matter the circumstances,” she tells the lumberjack.

My retelling of this story may not have been perfectly right or the same exact wording, but it is the exact the message! Spread the word of God boldly! The blind woman didn’t care that she was sharing Jesus to a mannequin, she cared that she was sharing the word to the world!

So I have one question for you. Are you the lumberjack or the blind lady?

Mark 16:15

“And He said to them, ‘Go into the world and spread the gospel to every creature.’”

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