Check yourself

Guest Post by Mrs. Shayla Parker

I found this meme on Instagram the other day. And I was like, “WOAH. Yes!”

I sat on my high horse and thought I need to share this. I need to let people know they need to check themselves…. pause for dramatic effect… It wasn’t about them. It was about me. Aren’t I just as guilty? Am I fixing my soul?

I work out and eat relatively healthy – most of the time. If you’ve ever met me on a Saturday or on vacation you’d probably disagree. When I don’t eat what actually fuels my body, I feel so guilty. If I go a week without working out, I feel so gross – insert picture of Jabba the Hut.

But if I don’t read my Bible or write in my gratitude journal for a day, does that make me feel guilty?  If I don’t make an active effort to get to church and worship – which to be honest, I haven’t done enough of lately – how does that make me feel? If I go a week saying the same prayers at night, dozing off and never really TALKING with God, does that make me feel gross? Am I putting the same amount of effort into feeding and fixing my soul as I am fixing the outside of me?

Oftentimes, no. Check yo’ self.

Check your own soul.

What are you allowing yourself to be consumed by?

Try to cut other people some slack. We’re all working on pushing some kind of boulder up a hill. We’re all searching for happiness. But, be sure it’s not just superficial happiness. I mean really dig and figure out what makes your soul happy.

And please – please be kind to one another. 💛

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