Be Better


Why are we worried about what she’s doing? And her and her and her?

And her?

You want to put on a full face of makeup to vacuum and do dishes? Good! Do it.

That’s not your style? Good. Don’t do it.

You want to wear a dress every single day? Rock it!

You prefer jeans and t-shirts? Good! Nothing wrong with that either.



Working mom.

Stay at home mom.







But don’t talk about – don’t even care about – what the woman next door is doing. It shouldn’t matter.

Like my husband always says – don’t let minuscule thoughts live rent free in your head.

Cause why does it matter?

Keep your mind Kingdom-focused.

If we are going to worry about other women, let’s worry about their salvation. Let’s worry about their mental health. Let’s worry about if they need a helping hand or a listening ear. Let’s worry about loving everyone the way Jesus said to.

Let’s just be nice.

And just a little sidebar: When we as women do make that passive aggressive comment about another woman – our daughters see it. They feel it.

And they copy it.

Let’s be better.

“He must become greater; I must become less.”John 3:30

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