Genesis 1:31 – And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.

We have all probably heard of the story of creation. How God created the earth in only a few days, and how He created Man and Woman.

But I think a lot of people miss a very important detail.

God called it good.

He called YOU good. He called everything He created good.

So if the maker of the universe calls you good, well then you best believe it.

Stop doubting yourself!!! Stop believing the lies the enemy has snuck into your ear and lead you to think is true!!

Start listening to God! Start understanding the Truth that He gives to you through the Holy Spirit who is in you!!!

Start believing that when God called His masterpiece good He was talking about you too!!!

God didn’t create this world perfectly for you to come in and have doubts about yourself. He didn’t send His only Son to die for you so that you can sit in misery and judge yourself.

He did it so that you can live in freedom today. So that you can walk with Him in Spirit and live a life of fullness. So that you can have eternal life with Him in Heaven.

So, get up, believe God’s truth, and live life with God right next to you. Acknowledge He is there, and listen to His words.

Always remember that He created you with the world, and He called it good.

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