Learning from the dog

My dog is mostly an excellent creature except for the rare occasion when he hasn’t been given much attention and there are alot of kids going in and out or he smells a dog or cat or sees a squirrel he wants to chase….it’s in these moments that our dog decides to dart out the door.

If my kids are around they inevitably chase him farther down the street. He loves a chase! I always try calling him but eventually resort to finding a toy or treat and teasing him to get close enough for me to leash. However, if my husband is around – all he has to do is walk to the door and call his name. That’s it. He doesn’t need to beg or tease or chase. The dog comes running back immediately.

My husband has never beaten him or even trained him. He honestly rarely pays much attention to him at all. But the dog knows…that tall guy is the boss. It’s just obvious, he’s the alpha of our little pack. He’s a smart dog – he knows better than to cross the leader.

I’m not a smart dog…I’m a sinful human. I forget that my father God is the creator, the sovereign, the alpha and omega. I get so distracted by the everyday details and forget that He put it all into orbit and could stop it’s spinning with a whisper… How do I dare disobey him?

He is so gracious. Slow to anger. He calls me back softly with his still small voice. His love is incomprehensible. He is worthy of our adoration, our complete trust and full devotion. I wish I was always as smart as my dog because there is truly nothing better than laying at the feet of my savior.

One of my favorite Christian Artists, Christy Nockels recently posed the question: “What if God’s presence is His plan for us?” (https://www.christynockels.com/podcast) It’s stuck with me. He designed us to desire His presence. Our sinful nature tempts us to dart out the door and chase life’s distractions, but let’s learn from the dog and run back quickly back when our Father calls.

Sarah Staggs Guedry

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