The call to holiness

Justification- the action of showing something to be right or reasonable

Sanctification- the action of making or declaring something holy

Holy- dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred

Scripture tells us that we are justified because of what Jesus did on the cross and His resurrection, so we are all justified once we enter into a relationship with Him. However, too many of us stop there and call it good. We are satisfied with our “get out of hell free” card and fail to open the door to the greatness we have been called to. One of the most common things I hear Christians say is, “It’s ok, God understands…”

And while it is true that God understands everything we are walking through in our lives, why do we allow those things to inhibit us from becoming everything our Creator intended? He invited us to come as we are, but it was never His intention for us to remain that way.

We’ve been invited to a Holy covenant designed to mold us into mirror images of Christ. I’m not talking about chasing a list of deigned do’s and don’ts, but rather chasing after the heart of the Father. When my husband and I got married, I didn’t declare my contribution to our relationship complete. Everyday, I still make intentional choices to become the wife he needs and the wife he wants. I don’t have to walk in fear that I might “mess up” and “fall into” adultery, because I gave him my heart almost 20 years ago. I wasn’t looking for a wedding, I was looking for a marriage.

While I cannot wait for the day that Jesus returns, making the rapture is not my goal…Jesus is. I can justify my behavior all day long and still “make Heaven,” but at the end of the day I don’t want to have just entered the race, I want to win the prize…His heart.

I once read that being justified will set you free from the penalty of sin, but being sanctified (holy) sets you free from the power of sin. I don’t just want to be free from my chains, I want to be able to set others free, too, and I cannot do that if I have no power over those chains. I don’t just want to make it to Heaven, I want to bring Heaven to earth.

Another common statement I hear from Christians is, “I’m only human,” and I have to disagree. You gave up being “only human” when you were born again. We weren’t meant for mediocre, comfortable lifestyles. We were called to take up our cross. 1 Peter refers to Leviticus where God commanded us to BE HOLY, because He is holy. No where does the Bible tell us that our journey is over once we say a little prayer to ask Jesus into our hearts…Far from it.

Did you know that James says that if we know what is right, and we don’t do it that it is a sin? What has God asked of you that have yet to obey? Delayed obedience is still a form of disobedience. In what way or ways is He asking you to set yourself apart, and you have yet to step into it because of the sacrifices it will require of you? We’re supposed to become more like Him, so why do we still look like ourselves? Why do our lives still appear to be our own?

When people are around us, do they feel justified and content to remain as they are or do they feel His Holy Presence and convicted to be more like Jesus? May we be so saturated by His presence that we will not be satisfied with anything that cannot be deemed Holy. Less of me, more of You, Jesus.

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